Secure Payment Processing

Secure, PCI-Compliant Payment Processing

SYNERGY HomeCare has partnered with Bluefin, the leading provider of secure payment processing solutions for U.S. and Canadian merchants, to provide SYNERGY Franchise clients convenient, secure payment processing with Bluefin’s mobile solution.

What You Get With Bluefin

Bluefin leads payment processing with the most robust and secure variety of payments for merchants of all sizes. And as a Participating Organization (PO) of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC), you can rest assured that every product you use from Bluefin has been built with the highest level of security in mind.

  • Card Present (US)/Card Not Present Payment Processing (US and CAD)
  • POS, Mobile, MOTO, Ecommerce and Salesforce Payments
  • Credit/Debit/ACH/Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay
  • PCI P2PE, EMV and Tokenization
  • PCI, NACHA and HIPAA Compliant Phone Payments
  • Recurring Billing/Card on File/Account Updater
  • All Synergy merchants use Quickbooks as part of their solution so that would be more enticing as a feature than connections to various processors.

Security for Your Payments


Tokenization: PayConex automatically tokenizes card data for storage/recurring transactions, and can also include ShieldConex for the tokenization of non-payment data, including PII and PHI.

PCI-validated P2PE

PCI-validated P2PE: P2PE immediately encrypts card data upon swipe, dip, tap or key entry in an approved P2PE device, removing clear-text card data from the organization’s system.

3D Secure (3DS)

3D Secure (3DS): 3DS seamlessly authenticates cardholders for Ecommerce transactions at the point of interaction on the web, reducing friendly fraud and increasing authorization decisioning.

Chargeback/Fraud Management

Chargeback/Fraud Management: Bluefin’s fraud management service addresses every element of the chargeback management process, from review and analysis through representment and reporting.

Why Bluefin?

Simple setup – no implementation required

Competitive “meet or beat” payment processing rates

Direct customer service through Bluefin

Leader in payment and data security

Payments and Security in a Complete Package

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