Dynamic Funding and Onboarding

Provide dynamic payout features, including split payments, and get faster approval with Bluefin’s PayConex™ integration to Payfactory

Bluefin and Payfactory have partnered to provide our PayConex™ partners several additional options for merchant funding and onboarding. Payfactory’s dynamic funding enables Bluefin’s software partners to provide enhanced payout features to their sponsored merchants such as service fees, convenience fees, surcharging, platform fees and donor-covered fees. Payfactory also provides automated onboarding utilizing e-signatures, automated underwriting, automated Payconex setup and a webhook service.

Security for Your Payments

Next Day Funding (NDF) for verticals that have qualified merchant category codes (MCC).

Service fees, convenience fees, surcharging and platform fees.

Supports P2PE, EMV, Secure iFrame, 3D Secure 2.x, GooglePay/ApplePay.

Easy-to-use online merchant statements.

No monthly fees, no statement fees, no monthly gateway fees and no TIN fees for sponsored merchant accounts.

PCI Compliance Scope Elimination: No annual SAQ or ASV scans as a fully reduced PCI Compliance burden.

Pricing: 3% flat for Cards, $3 for ACH, no Monthly Fee.

*Integrated Payconex partners can build on their existing integration by simply adding any of the additional features. Documentation can be provided upon request.

Payments and Security in a Complete Package

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