Secure, Convenient Payments for your Customers

dotCOM host has partnered with Bluefin to provide your business the convenience and security of accepting electronic payments.
What you Get with Bluefin
  • A 100% Integrated Solution: Process debit and credit card payments, issue refunds and report on transactions directly within dotCOM host.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Eliminate double entry and manual reconciliation. Reduce your average transaction time to 12 seconds!
  • The Highest Level of Security: Bluefin is a PCI-DSS compliant provider. They use encryption and tokenization to secure your transactions.
  • Competitive Processing Rates: Bluefin provides some of the best processing rates in the industry and will conduct a free rate review for you!

Bluefin leads payment processing with the most robust and secure variety of payments for merchants of all sizes. And as a participating organization of the PCI Standards Security Council, you can rest assured that every product you use from Bluefin has been built with the highest level of security in mind.

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Bluefin Benefits

PCI Compliance

Our focus is to reduce your PCI compliance investment with our unique security technologies.

Everything You Need

Get everything you need to implement, manage, and grow a successful payment program.

Process Anywhere

Process transactions through your PC, on your mobile phone, on your website, or in-person with our secure payment options.


Provide your customers the convenience of paying with their debit/credit card.